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Write Your Self Open

4 Tuesdays

January 9-30, 2024

1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT

Write Your Self Open is a transformational workshop during which participants are invited to discover and celebrate their true selves through guided meditation, journal writing, and discussion/processing.

Reconnect with the Highest Self and write with that authentic voice, using a four-phase approach of:

Identifying the Issue—What area of our life needs work? (Past topics: addiction, anger, grief, PTSD, phobias, self-esteem, introversion, mid-life crisis, career, and relationships)

Guided Meditation—Temporarily release ego consciousness and connect with the subconscious and Source, allowing guiding images to emerge in response to our issue.

Writing—Using exercises designed around the meditation journey, write from a pure place of personal truth.

Discussion—Share writings, speak in an open forum about the journey to Self and, in doing so, celebrate the divine paradox that all individuals are interconnected.

What we’ll cover:
✨ Week 1: New You—What do you want for your Self in 2024?
 Week 2: Career/Livelihood—How and where are you called to serve?
 Week 3: Relationship—How do you want to show up for others in your life—personally and professionally?
 Week 4: Purpose—What are you being called to this year and beyond?

All courses are free for AWMC members.
Courses are revised from year to year to encourage continued growth and practice.

Wisdomcrafting for women in midlife

The Foundation of Self Program

In order to be a sharer of wisdom in midlife, you need to be your most
grounded, compassionate, and authentic Self.
Living in this way makes a tremendous impact on the world.
What matters is that you are strong in your foundation of self.
Once you are living as your true self, everything else comes naturally.

Trimester I:

Unearthing the Self

Oct – Jan
[December off for break]

Discover and honor who you truly are. Not the labels you carry or roles you play—the real you.

(Weeks 1-4) Selfcrafting 101: Discover and Honor Your Highest Self

Rediscover your true self by connecting with your inner voice and redefining who YOU are.

After This You Will… feel solid in your true self and have an established solitude practice (Think: Self-care / Sacred Me Time)

(Weeks 5-8) Interoception: Your Body's Gift for Midlife Transformation

Connect with your transforming body and regulate your nervous system through tested meditation tools.

After This You Will… know how to work with your body as an ally and a tool for healing.

(Weeks 9-12) Write Your Self Open

This unique theme-based freewriting lab is a blend of creative writing and group therapy that delves deep into your True Self while fostering connections with others.

After This You Will… emerge with a strong sense of Self and deeper connection with with other women in midlife.

Trimester II:

Polishing the Gem

Feb – Apr
[May off for break]

Smooth the rough edges of your being by resolving childhood wounding so you can manage life’s challenges with grace and compassion.

(Weeks 1-4) How to Be Your Own Best Friend, Part I

A crash course in self-development basics: Self-talk, Self-protection (Boundaries), Self-esteem, Self-doubt (Impostor Syndrome)

After This You Will… be able to communicate confidently and compassionately with your self and others.

(Weeks 5-8) How to Be Your Own Best Friend, Part II

Develop a playful and collaborative relationship with your inner child. Address current pain and stuck behaviors by returning to their source.

After This You Will… See the connection between old wounds and present pain—and be able to manage them.

(Weeks 9-12) Playing with Your Self: Joyful Inner Journeys Through Writing

Bring your Best Friend (i.e., You) to this embodied writing course to solidify the new relationship you have forged with your True Self.

After This You Will… have a deeper connection to the Self as a creative resource and be ready to share that Self with the world.

Trimester III:

Sharing the Wealth

Jun – Sep
[August off for break]

The Foundation of Self coursework culminates with your cornerstone project: A self-crafted plan for sharing your wisdom with the world.

(Weeks 1-4) Redefining Mentorship: Finding Your Purpose in Midlife

Discover passion and purpose in midlife with this transformative self-exploration journey

After This You Will… understand what it means to leave your unique legacy in this life. (Preparation for your cornerstone project.)

(Weeks 5-8) (Mid)Life & Death: A Reconciliation

Combine the tools of interoception and writing to celebrate your transforming body and its mortality

After This You Will… feel secure in this phase of your life cycle through creative expression.

(Weeks 9-12) The Wisdom Self: Sharing the Wealth

Cornerstone Project: Create and Implement Your Wisdom-sharing Plan

After This You Will… be confident in your true purpose in midlife! You’ll share and practice wisdom-sharing through your self-created plan.

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Wonder what our classes are like?

Try these pre-recorded classes for free to see if they’re a fit for you.

Wisdom Salon + Midlife Mastermind
Q & A

A monthly interactive gathering of women

At these gatherings, we show up with something to share with other women— something inspiring, beautiful, meaningful, silly, uplifting, encouraging… Anything that means a lot to you that you want others to know about. 

At the end, we’ll talk through questions about the Awakened Women Mentors Community, the Foundation of Self program, midlife, mentorship, and more.

And of course, BYOB. BYOBFF as well. All are welcome.


Note: This event meets every third Thursday of the month.
Join us live! Save your seat here.

Boundaries, Not Walls: How to Create Loving Boundaries with Not-so-loving People

How to design a boundary that will create a stronger bond with the other person—and how that boundary benefits you both.

We also talk about what to do when others don’t respect your boundaries with them.

Redefining Mentorship:
Finding Your Purpose in Midlife

We revisit the common understanding of mentorship and make the case for the kind of wisdom-sharing that better suits our lives as women in midlife.


  • Understand mentorship in a new way
  • Know how to put your life experience into action as a midlife mentor
  • Find your mentorship community

We can also connect in social media land if that’s your thing.

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