It’s never too late to find your Self

Rachel Astarte, LMFT

If traditional talk therapy hasn’t worked for you,
you’re my people.

The way I see it, each of us is an extraordinary masterpiece, uniquely crafted.

Yet it’s easy to lose sight of how exceptional we truly are.

Whatever feels “off” in your life—depression, unhealthy relationships, a dead-end career, anxiety, loneliness, low self-esteem—is a symptom of a larger problem: an unbalanced and under-appreciated Self.

In reality, your problems are beacons
guiding you toward wholeness.

Just like a fever lets us know we have an infection, life problems let us know something deep within us isn’t right. We don’t blame the fever, we thank it for alerting us to the bigger problem.

Using your current life challenges as a guide, we work together—using the art of selfcraftingto build the Foundation of Self you need in order to live an enriching and fully human life.


This deep self-work not only benefits you—
it strengthens relationships with loved ones
and the rest of our human family.

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The journey begins in our 30s…


…when it’s all about ambition + achievement.

In the midst of building a career, nurturing relationships, and pursuing personal growth, we can find ourselves wondering, Is this all there is? Achievements are unlocked, but a deeper sense of purpose still eludes us.

We might even feel as if we’re always a few steps behind—we haven’t achieved enough at this point in our life.

And with midlife looming, there’s added pressure to not only savor youth but to preserve it as long as possible.

Then there are the wonky boundaries, negative self-talk, impostor syndrome, and chronic busyness that keeps us distracted from the existential ennui that got us scrambling in the first place.

It’s as if you’ve lost your sense of Self—if you ever really knew who that was in the first place…


Building your Foundation of Self now prepares you for life changes ahead.

Then, in our 40s and beyond…

…there’s a longing for purpose + community.

Despite personal accomplishments, once we reach midlife we can experience the lingering feeling that something more profound is missing from life.

This is completely natural! That sense of incompleteness often arises from a deep, inherent desire to contribute to something greater than ourselves. It’s an innate longing to create a meaningful impact.

Sharing the wisdom you’ve accumulated over four decades is one of the most rewarding paths to nourish this sense of purpose. It’s not about adopting a formal role of “mentor” or “sage”; it’s about living authentically as your True Self, infusing your awakened energy into the world.


Foundation of Self work continues through midlife, as you develop and celebrate the Wisdom-sharer you are becoming.

A Welcome Message
from Rachel

Here’s how we can work together.


Therapy + Coaching: Dive into your transformative journey without the pressure of long-term commitments. It’s about nurturing your inner growth at your own pace, with my professional support as a licensed therapist and transformational coach.

The Foundation of Self Program: Discover coursework that brings you closer to your Self, which in turn elevates all your relationships (yes, all of them). It’s a joyful investment in your Self and prepares you to share the gift of your fully human, centered, compassionate self—just by living the life that you have crafted for yourself.

Building a strong Foundation of Self means more than achieving personal satisfaction.

Your growth gives you a greater life purpose—making a positive impact on humanity as a whole.


“I have been working with Rachel for several years now. I first started working with her through an online writing workshop that she taught. Being an avid writer, I gravitated toward this. I liked her work so much that I decided to work with her one-on-one.

I have experienced great growth while working with Rachel. I have worked with other teachers and advisers, and for me is important to find someone with whom I resonate. Rachel is Jungian trained and she has also done extensive spiritual work that is congruent with my training, so we have a basis for communication.

Rachel offers many exercises and practices to help one move through the work. The most important thing is that I trust her. I know she really cares about her clients/patients. I have referred several friends to Rachel as well.”

Cyrene, Attorney/Activist

We’ll be a great fit if —

  • Traditional talk therapy hasn’t worked for you
  • You’re on a path of psychospiritual awakening
  • You’re ready to know your Self on a deeper level
  • You are a socially conscious being who strives to “be the change”

  • You know you have a larger purpose than self-gratification and growth

We’ll be an even better fit if —

  • You see the world around you as family
  • The marriage of science and spirituality excites you
  • Humor is your jam
  • You enjoy time in solitude (Maybe you’re an extroverted introvert like me.)



Working with Rachel is like giving a gift to myself.


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