Be of service by being your Self

Midlife invites you to step into mentorship

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Rachel Astarte, LMFT, MFA, CLC Self Specialist • • • NYS License #001677

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Your life wisdom is needed.

Welcome to midlife.
Maybe you've been here for a while.
I've been in midlife for almost a decade, and I've been waiting for you.

Why you? Because I have a feeling you're like me.

  • You've lived fully.
  • You're a bit of an outlier, a divine freak, a unicorn, sui generis, a unique being with something to offer.
  • You're knowledgeable in a few important things life has taught you.
  • You are no stranger to suffering or to bliss.
  • You want to make a difference in the world, but it seems as if the world is not interested since you donned the cloak of invisibility also known as middle age.

Midlife can be a lonely place for a woman. 
That's why we need each other.

As a holistic psychotherapist, transformational coach, and spiritual counselor, I help you build the Foundation of Self you need in order to live an enriching and fully human life.

Not just for your own benefit, but for the benefit of others—most specifically younger women who desperately need mentors.

How can we mentor younger women when
we're busy figuring out our own lives?

It's a big ask. I know.
Here's the good news: Your struggles are part of the gift you offer the younger generation.

Be of service by being your self.

Let's work together like a couple of archaeologists to uncover the gem that is your true self. That jewel of self is your currency in this world—and it is invaluable.

Together, let's brush off the decades-old soil of unhealthy relational habits, negative self-talk, funky boundaries, self-doubt, and general world-weariness.

Let's polish that gem of self so that you are ready to step into your purpose as a woman whose life wisdom can help support our younger sisters on their path.

Are you ready?

Schedule your free 15-minute consultation call to begin—or continue—the journey to your True Self. You are needed.

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