Midlife Mentorship for Awakened Women

Be of service
by being your Self

You want to enjoy midlife.
Instead, you feel alone and without a sense of purpose.

Midlife Challenges for Women

Let’s sort that out. Together.

It’s taken you 40+ years of life to awaken to the realization that personal accomplishments—career, family, relationships, spiritual seeking—are not enough to give you a true sense of purpose.

There has to be something more.

The radical changes to your body, your priorities, your needs, and your values have left you feeling alone as you try—valiantly! nobly! single-handedly!—to trailblaze a path through the second half of life.

But you can’t do it alone.
And you don’t have to.

Midlife invites you to step into mentorship.

First, let’s define our terms.


This word is a big part of our work. For our purposes, awakened means that the wisdom you’ve acquired in life has helped you to realize that typical milestone accomplishments (career, child-rearing, self-improvement for its own sake) aren’t enough to give us a true sense of purpose.

In short, you’ve awakened to the desire to do something more meaningful with your life than accumulate personal achievements.

Erik Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development places midlifers in a phase called “Generativity vs. Stagnation.” Between 40-65, we are called to either contribute to or disconnect from our community.


Being a mentor is one of the ways we contribute to something larger than ourselves. Mentoring can take many forms (see the infographic to the left).

In fact, simply by living life as our true selves, we are contributing awakened energy to collective consciousness.

Think of the concept of manifestation. Rather than putting out vibes that align with what we want from life, living as our true selves manifests the world we want to live in.

(Here are a couple of scientific studies about consciousness and quantum fields in case you like to geek out on this stuff as much as I do.)

Now for the Yeah, but…

How can we mentor younger people when we’re busy managing the chaos of midlife?

It’s a big ask. I know.

Here’s the good news: Your struggles are part of the gift you offer the younger generation.

More about that in the brief video below.

Be of service by being your self.

Let’s work together like a couple of archaeologists to unearth the gem that is your true self. That jewel of self is your currency in this world—and it is invaluable.

Together, we’ll brush off the decades-old soil of unhealthy relational habits, negative self-talk, funky boundaries, self-doubt, and general world-weariness.

Let’s polish that gem of self so that you are ready to step into your purpose as a woman whose life wisdom can help support younger generations on their path.

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