Now, don’t get me wrong…

I’m grateful you’ve come this far—I’m holding the door open, welcoming you inside. But before you take the leap and join us, I want to make sure you’re clear on what our community is all about and whether it’s a heartfelt fit for you.

For my part—

I’m here to support you as a therapist, coach, facilitator/educator, and group leader. But above all, I’m here as your sister on this journey through midlife. Like you, I seek a community of like-minded women.

For your part—

You’ll bring your enthusiasm for psychospiritual growth, collaboration with community sisters to craft AWMC into the alliance we want it to be, and the desire to leave a legacy as remarkable and extraordinary as you are.

For our community—

AWMC is a vibrant midlife thinktank/feeltank for women, by women. Ideally, it’s an oasis in a nutso world where we can come together to be ourselves—even as we work to better ourselves. It’s a welcoming space where each voice is valued, and where collective wisdom and diverse perspectives are our jam.

In short, the Awakened Women Mentors Community has one core purpose—

to uplift each other in midlife so we can radiate the power of our authentic selves and help elevate our human family in the process.

So! If all this resonates with you, saying that I’d love to have you in our community is an understatement.
Deep thanks for being willing to dive in and share your sacred self with us.

Next steps—
Select from the payment options below and you’ll be guided through the steps to join us on the membership site.
I’ll see you there!

With love,

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We can also connect in social media land if that’s your thing.

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