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New Year, New Program

Announcing the Foundation of Self Immersion

Don’t want to commit to therapy but still want
focused support for your inner work?

Are you ready to manage life’s challenges with grace—not outgrown dysfunctional patterns?

Do you want all—yes, all—your relationships to become deeper and more meaningful?

Are you ready for complete self-acceptance?

• • •

The Foundation of Self 12-month immersion program combines therapy, coaching, coursework, and live community calls to support your journey to Self.

Your program includes—

  • Access to all FoS coursework—for life
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Monthly 1:1 sessions with Rachel
  • A supportive community of Self-explorers

Join the waiting list for details and notification when registration opens this fall.
Immersion begins January 2025.

Wonder what our classes
and coaching calls are like?

Write Your Self Open

Self as Oracle

Through guided meditation, journal writing, and supportive discussion, Write Your Self Open introduces you to your Highest Self as a confidante and guide.

Week 1 presents the Self-as-Oracle. Reconnect with your Highest Self, welcoming it as your guide throughout the course. You’ll also practice releasing ego consciousness through meditation, allowing for more authentic and aligned decision-making.

Be Your Own Best Friend

Who Am I, Really?: Discovering Your Authentic Self

A journey of self-discovery begins with understanding the essence of who you are.

Week 1 introduces the concept of identity, the role of societal influences, and the power of authenticity.

We uncover the layers of your identity, distinguishing between the small-s self and the capital-S Self.

Foundation of Self Weekly Coaching Call

Our weekly coaching calls give you the opportunity to bring questions, reflections, and “yeah, but”s from the week’s work or whatever you are going through at the moment. It’s the meeting point between seminar and group therapy.

Coaching calls are where the magic of community healing happens.

We can also connect in social media land if that’s your thing.

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