Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Saturday, July 21  • 3-5 p.m.
Nyack Yoga
42 Main Street
Nyack, NY

Shamanic journeying is a deeply personal spiritual practice using drumming to move deep into a meditative state. Within this state, you communicate with compassionate helping spirits in non-ordinary reality for the purpose of healing and guidance.

In this workshop you will discover:

  • What is the shamanic journey?
  • What is a compassionate helping spirit?
  • How can I find and work with my helping spirit toward healing?
  • How can I incorporate shamanic journeying into my existing spiritual practice?

No experience required. Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring the following items:

  • An eye covering (bandana or securable eye pillow)
  • Any blankets or pillows you require (some yoga blankets/mats will be provided)
  • A pen and notebook

Pre-registration $30 / At the Door: $40