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Releasing Self-doubt
Virtual Workshop • Winter 2023 (Date TBD) •

Write Your Self Open is an exhilarating combination of a writing workshop and a restorative group counseling session. Participants are invited to discover and celebrate their true selves through guided meditation, journal writing, and discussion.

Reconnect with your true Self and write with that authentic voice, using a four-phase approach of:

  • Identifying the Issue—What is the main area of your life where you experience self-doubt?
  • Guided Meditation—Temporarily release ego consciousness and connect with the subconscious and Source, allowing guiding images to emerge in response to your need.
  • Writing—Using exercises designed around the meditation journey, write from a pure place of personal truth.
  • Discussion——Share writings, speak in an open forum about the journey to Self and, in doing so, celebrate the divine paradox that all individuals are interconnected.
  • Not a writer? No problem! The only prerequisite is a desire to go deep into your creative center.

    Exchange: $50 Special pre-registration rate (two weeks before event) / $75 General registration
    This workshop will be held virtually, via Zoom. After you register below, you will receive the Zoom link and password for access.

    Register here


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