Be of Service by Being Your Self

Build Your

Foundation of Self

Your problems are blessings pointing you in the direction of wellness.

Whatever feels “off” in your life—

depression, low-grade anxiety, unhealthy relationships, dead-end careers, grief, loneliness, diminished self-esteem—are all symptoms of a larger problem:
An unbalanced and under-appreciated self.

Just like a fever lets us know we have an infection, life problems let us know something deep within us isn’t right. We don’t blame the fever, we thank it for alerting us to the bigger problem. It’s exactly the same in our work together. Your problems become beacons lighting the way toward the self you want to be.

Using our innate connection to spirit and nature as well as your personal strengths as guides, we work together to build the Foundation of Self you need in order to live an enriching and fully human life. 

This profound work benefits not only your Self, but also your loved ones and the rest of our human family.

Your transformation begins with you.

I work with individuals and couples of all genders, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds to develop more congruent and compassionate communication—with self and others.

In addition to Collaborative Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Transformational Life Coaching, I offer shamanic journeying and healing work based on your need and interest.

What can I expect in therapy?

I approach therapy from a collaborative stance. You are the expert in your life, and I am the expert in the process of guiding you toward the life you want to live. Through open dialogue, we work together to craft and reach your therapy goals.

In addition, I offer transformational life coaching and spiritual counseling to those who are interested in exploring these avenues. These are optional additions to enrich our therapeutic work. Please let me know during our initial consultation or early on in our work together if these avenues feel right to you or if you would like to learn more.

What if I don’t want to commit to long-term therapy?

I offer single sessions of 30- and 50-minute lengths so that you can receive the benefit of therapy at your own pace.

Reach out for a free phone consultation or instantly book your single session by clicking the button below.

What happens once I’ve built my foundation of self?

The foundation of self is just that—a bedrock from which you can manage life’s challenges with groundedness, compassion, and grace. 

The next phase (usually beginning in midlife) is sharing the wealth of your true self in the world through mentorship.

Now, mentorship takes many forms—from advising younger family members, friends, or colleagues to being a role model simply by living your life in alignment with your true self. You may not even be aware of how many people are affected by your presence, your energy, every single day! Neighbors, shopkeepers, healthcare professionals, mail carriers and delivery people, even complete strangers—everyone you come into contact with interacts with your energy as you interact with theirs.

Being the best person we can be is an admirable goal. But it’s not enough. True magic happens when we contribute the gift of our true selves to our communities and collective consciousness as a whole.

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Working with Rachel helped me to see things in a more neutral way after seeing things negatively for a long time. She helped me with forgiveness—of others and more importantly of myself—and to have more daily self-love and acceptance.

Cyrene, Attorney/Activist

I have been working with Rachel for several years now. I first started working with her through an online writing workshop that she taught. Being an avid writer, I gravitated toward this. I liked her work so much that I decided to work with her one-on-one.

I have experienced great growth while working with Rachel. I have worked with other teachers and advisers, and for me is important to find someone with whom I resonate. Rachel is Jungian trained and she has also done extensive spiritual work that is congruent with my training, so we have a basis for communication.

Rachel offers many exercises and practices to help one move through the work. The most important thing is that I trust her. I know she really cares about her clients/patients. I have referred several friends to Rachel as well.

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