Healing Modalities

What can I expect in therapy?

I approach therapy from a collaborative stance. You are the expert in your life, and I am the expert in the process of guiding you toward the life you want to live. Through open dialogue, we work together to craft and reach your therapy goals.

In addition, I offer the following healing modalities to those who are interested in exploring these avenues. These are optional additions to enrich our therapeutic work. Please let me know during our initial consultation or early on in our work together if any of these avenues feel right to you.

Healing Modalities

NEW! Write Your Self Open (for Individuals)

Enjoy the workshop experience one-on-one with Rachel. Reconnect with the Highest Self and write with that authentic voice, using a four-phase approach of:

Identifying the Issue—What area of your life needs work? (e.g., addiction, anger, grief, PTSD, phobias, self-esteem, introversion, mid-life crisis, career, relationships)
Guided Meditation—Temporarily release ego consciousness and connect with the subconscious and Source, allowing guiding images to emerge in response to your issue.
Writing—Using exercises designed around the meditation journey, write from a pure place of personal truth.
Processing and Integration—Share writing, review the messages, symbols, and images received, and work with Rachel to integrate them into your life toward healing.

What others have said about Write Your Self Open:

“Rachel gave us spiritual and practical ways to apply the gifts of meditation.” —G. W.

“I am glad to have your channeled wisdom. You are a very helpful guide. Wish I had more time with your work.” —F. S.

“Rachel was engaging and smart. Very fulfilling. I learned a lot!” —D.P.

1-hour virtual session: $200
Schedule on the Appointments page.

Shamanic Journeying

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that dates back over 40,000 years. Shamans believe that everything that exists has a spirit with which we can communicate. Shamanic journeying involves entering a state of altered consciousness (using shamanic drumming) to access the spirit worlds and communicate with your known compassionate helping spirits for the purpose of receiving information, guidance, and healing.

Shamanic Drum Healing

The shaman’s drum is also known as the “shaman’s horse” because it is the vehicle by which the shamanic practitioner travels to spirit worlds. But the drum has another purpose: it is a healing tool as well. Drumbeats are vibrations—the movement of energy. Because we are energetic beings, we too benefit from the healing vibrations of the drum. Shamanic drum healing is particularly helpful when you are feeling stuck or when energy is not flowing smoothly through your body.

Life Coaching

My experience as a Certified Transformational Life Coach (CLC) can function as a supplement to psychotherapy when you are in a state of transition. Bring your impostor syndrome, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs. Life coaching offers specific, goal-oriented approaches to prepare you for the future—in mind, body, and spirit. Monthly rate of $495 includes two 50-minute sessions and unlimited email access.

Creative Writing/Journaling

As a life-long writer, I believe that writing and journaling are essential tools in therapy. I encourage all clients to keep journals of their experiences both in and out of the therapy room. How you choose to do this is up to you: You can record events like a reporter, write elaborate prose, draw, doodle, make lists… Recording your dreams is highly encouraged.

Essential Oils

I use pure essential oils that are specifically selected to support your journey. Oils are also available for purchase at a discount. (doTERRA Certified Essential Oil Specialist/Distributor #8846880)


The comic artist’s purpose is to hold a mirror up to society to reflect its follies and vices, in the hope that they will, as a result, be mended. —Cyrus Henry Hoy, Encyclopaedia Britannica

It may seem unusual to see humor and comedy listed as healing modalities. The word humor means both the quality of being amusing and a state of mind. Levity in general has a powerful effect on our states of mind and, consequently, our healing. Comedians not only reflect the human condition—thereby creating experiential unity—but our resulting collective laugher opens up emotional, physical, and spiritual channels that allow us to accelerate healing. You will find a few comedy recommendations on the Resources page.