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Free Guided Meditation

The Holy Self:
Connection to the Divine

The answers you seek to big life questions are not out there, they are within.

[Meditation duration: 14 minutes]

Your highest self is the unseen (but very much present) part of you that comes from and is connected to Source. It is a confidante, a friend, an oracle that is waiting to guide you along your path.

This meditation takes you on a journey to meet your highest self, your divine nature. In other words, The Holy Self.

Before you begin:

  • Prepare your space and ensure you will not be disturbed.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Use an eye cover, if preferred.
  • Have a notebook/journal and pen ready.
  • Prepare a question for your journey. It could be anything you’re grappling with at the moment. Note: It’s best not to ask a “When” question; in Non-ordinary Reality there is no “time” as we understand it.
  • Write your question in your notebook or journal.

After the meditation:

  • Sit up slowly. Take a moment to return to Ordinary Reality.
  • Write whatever you remember from your journey into your notebook/journal. Use all the senses!
  • Consider how you might incorporate the offerings you received from the journey into your life, starting today.

Good luck, and blessings on your journey!

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