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Dr. Natalie Podcast

What Do You Mean, “Do Your Work”?
April 2024

Together We Seek

Embracing the Sacredness of Self
March 2024

Love is Us

Befriend Yourself
February 2024

Phantom Electric Ghost

Polishing the Gem: Self-development in Midlife
November 2023

Glass Half Full

Women & Midlife
May 2023

A Magical Life

You Are a Gift to the World
May 2023

A Magical Life

3 Easy Steps for Healthy Foundations
May 2023

Coffin Talk Podcast

The Fiberglass Under Your Skin
March 2023

I’ve Got Something to Say
with Sandy Joy Weston

You Are Needed
October 2022

The Existential Empath Podcast
with Tonia Marie

The Power of Solitude – Being Lonely vs Being Alone with Rachel Astarte
October 2022

Soul to Soul
with Roxanne

Reflecting Inward
October 2022

Your Spiritual Best Friend
with Joshua Sanchez

How Can We Reconnect with Our Spirituality?
August 2022

Linda’s Corner: Faith, Family, and Living Joyfully
with Linda Bjork

How to Discover and Honor Your Highest Self
July 2022

What’s the Value
with Terry McMullen

Understanding We Are All Spirits Having a Human Experience
July 2022

The Andrew Baker Podcast

Self Love and the Divine Monster Within
June 2022

The Grace Space with Claire Lautier

How to Move Through the Ring of Fire
June 2022

Amorizm Podcast
with Ronnie Ann Ryan

The Magic of Celebrating Solitudewith Rachel Astarte
February 2022

Athena Wellness Podcast
with Kathy Robinson

Transcendence as Self-Care, and
Remembering Who You Are
September 2021

Tactical Magic
with Molly Mandelberg

Healing Journey with Rachel Astarte
August 2021

The Path to Authenticity
with Tom Gentry

Celebrating Solitude
August 2021

The Beautifully Human Podcast
with Nik Sheasby

Beautiful Comedic Healing
July 2021

Sky’s the Limit
with Wendi, Christa, + Shermin

Let’s Get Intimate—Going Deep
February 2017

Soul Revolution Radio
with Lorri Woodmansee-Rupp

Death—The Process of Transition
January 2014

Let Love Come to You
with Angelique Tsang

Solitude in Relationships
October 2012


Editor’s List: “Favorite Five Things Videos” About How We Can Solve The Loneliness Epidemic Among Young People

Medium / Authority Magazine Editorial Staff
March 2023

How to Manifest Something You Really Want

Shape / by AnnaMarie Houlis
August 2021

7 insightful questions everyone in a healthy relationship should ask

Business Insider / Bustle / by Lea Rose Emery
October 2016

Author Interview: Rachel Astarte

Non-fiction Author’s Association
Author: Stephanie Chandler
March 2015

How to Date: 80+ Best Expert Tips for Successful Dating

Better Topics / Diana Maria Indries
November 2022

This Is The Most Overlooked Dating Deal Breaker, According To Relationship Experts

TZR Report / Angele Melero
September 2019

Were You Meant To Stay Single? 15 Ways To Know

Bustle / Bibi Deitz
March 2016

Happy Thoughts Travel Fast (Humor Blog)

Host/Author: Sophy Laughing
October 2011

The Magic of Celebrating Solitude

Magic of the Heart and Soul / Ronnie Ann Ryan
February 2022

Why Having Space In A Relationship Is A Good Thing, According To Experts

Bustle / by Lea Rose Emery
December 2017

30 Dating Dilemmas

Toyboy Warehouse
Editor: Lucy Jones

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